the components

  1. manual component:  In order to move more efficiently, you must have the mobility to get there.  We use a variety of techniques to create greater mobility in joints and soft tissue structures.  It is only then, when new movement patterns can be facilitated.

  2. conditioning component:  you must be able to use the mobility in a functional manner.  The conditioning component must simulate the specific activities you perform in your life.  Basic exercises are not bad, but they are not ideal.  We will develop a conditioning program that is specifically designed around your goals and lifestyle.

  3. movement component:  To move more effectively and minimize the risk of injury, you should understand how “your” body moves, not how “the” body moves.   The difference is crucial in developing the most appropriate movement pattern.  Attempting to mirror a template, usually leads to failure.  Success is achieved by creating “your” template.


KP is unique not only in the way the components are brought together, but why they are brought together.  The goal of KP is to create a custom template for each person, which maximizes their ability to move, with respect to the way their body moves, not a text book.


what to expect

     You have never experienced what you will at KP.

     If you are willing and able to do everything I prescribe, you will reach your highest level of fitness, period.

     You will probably not be willing to do everything I prescribe, and  you will fight with me to avoid it. 

     I will get you to do it anyway, safely.

     Your “uniform” will include a heart rate monitor, in addition to clothes…

     Your experience will be educational and fun, sometimes just educational…

     You will never do a boring and repetitive “program”, and you learn skills to create your own template.

     You will surprise yourself with how much you can do.