physical therapy

Injuries happen, period.  You can do the perfect program, with perfect form, and the perfect amount, and still get injured.  Now take into consideration most people do not do everything perfectly, and injuries are expected.  Many PT’s will try to isolate the problem, diagnose it, fix the part, and send you off to go break it again.  At KP, the goal is to address the problem, as it relates to the system as a whole.  The system being you.  We progress the entire system, while respecting the diagnosis.  This allows the system to fix the problem.  And we have all the classic gadgets and gizmos for PT if need be.



fitness calibration

Many of you already spend multiple hours a week at the gym, or in a group class, with your trainer, on the pavement, etc. etc.  You work hard, yet you still aren’t achieving your goals.  The effort isn’t the problem.  The discipline isn’t the problem.  Then it has to be the formula.  Why guess where your fitness is?  KP will do a complete musculoskeletal and physiological evaluation.  The we can highlight where your strengths and weaknesses lie, outline what you need to do to balance the equation.  Then, once your needs are prescribed, allow you the license to meet your requirements with whatever floats your boat.  You don’t need to let go of the things you love.  You just need to understand what it lacks, and how to get it elsewhere.

sport specific coaching

If you do anything physical on a regular basis, you have a sport.  If you want to get better at that sport, you need a plan.  It amazes me how many talented athletes dedicate years to a sport, while doing a bunch of stuff at the gym with no rhyme or reason.  In collegiate and professional sports,  every athlete follows a plan, or macrocycle, to ensure they are at optimal performance levels, at the right time.  Anyone who competed at this level knows this, yet incredibly intelligent people still end up running 20 miles right before a marathon to prepare.  Fighters double up there training right before there fight.  Triathletes swim bike and run exclusively, and at volumes that are not sustainable without injury. KP will apply a model that fits your specific needs for the specific needs of your sport.  Plans are based on what will optimize your performance, not what every other overtrained, under-planned, athlete has done before you or a cookie cutter plan you payed $1.99 for on some app.